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You may have heard the term Bitcoin casino before, but have you heard of the Ethereum casino? Get ready to meet a technology that can revolutionize the online gambling industry! is a site established in March 2017 and offers only Ethereum support. However, this is not just a currency support: uses the technological advantages of Ethereum to the end and offers a truly different gambling experience. Although there is no option other than roulette as the name implies, the infrastructure used to provide this service is quite exciting and can change everything we know about online casinos.


Country Restrictions

None. You can play from anywhere in the world. To register, you only need to provide an e-mail address and specify a password. According to the law, those who are less than 18 years old cannot become a member of However, there is no control in this regard. Likewise, you do not need to verify your identity to be able to withdraw your winnings.

User Experience and Design website probably has the simplest and unpretentious main page in the world. When you enter the site for the first time, you see only two buttons: “WinWin Roulette” and “Block Chain Roulette”. There are no links or banners other than these - not even a logo. You see the real interface after clicking on the button of the game you want to play. We will give more details below, but for now, let’s say both games have no difference in terms of the rules and the chance of winning. They only use a different infrastructure.

The website consists of two pages, both belonging to games. The interface of both pages is about the same. On the left side, there is a roulette table, and on the right side, there are the control buttons of the game. Under the pages, you can see statistical information and the leaderboard. Since HTML5 is used, page loading times are quite fast. However, because of the reasons we will explain below, it is not possible to play any of the games using mobile devices. In general, we can say that the design is useful, but it contains too many “buttons”. Sometimes, you may feel like you are looking at an investment options screen.

Bonuses & Promotions

No bonus is offered except for an affiliate program. You can invite your friends using the special referral link you obtained after joining You earn 0.5% of the bets your friends make if they become a member and deposit money using your link.

Games on Offer has only two roulette games. Both of them use European roulette rules. As we have mentioned above, there is no difference between the two in terms of the rules and the chance of winning. But the “infrastructure” of the games is completely different from each other.

  • Blockchain Roulette: This is the revolutionary feature of This is actually a classic roulette game, but the RNG calculations are made on the Ethereum blockchain. Each calculation represents a "smart contract". In other words, if you win, your money is automatically transferred to your Ethereum account in a few seconds. You do not have to make any requests: Win your bet, get your money – at the same time. So you do not have to use an intermediary. There is no need for any license or audition too: the Ethereum smart contracts infrastructure guarantees both fairness and withdrawal.However, this has a drawback: The necessary calculations on the blockchain take approximately 15 seconds each time. So the Blockchain roulette will not be a viable option for impatient players.
  • WinWin Roulette: For those impatient players, the WinWin Roulette option is offered. This is the exact same game, but it works independently from the Ethereum blockchain. So RNG calculations are done on the client side. Nevertheless, there is no problem with fairness as it is provably fair.

Theoretically, games offer a house edge lower than 2.7%, which is the standard for European roulette. Though HTML5 technology is used, the reason for not being able to use mobile devices is due to the infrastructure of the games. To play these games, you need to install an add-on called "Metamask" to your browser. This is an official Chrome add-on and used in Ethereum enabled distributed applications. Unfortunately, the add-on cannot be installed on mobile devices, so it is not possible to play with mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Site Security site uses 128-bit SSL encryption on all pages. There is no license but there is no need: As explained above, all payments and fairness checks are carried out by the Ethereum smart contracts infrastructure. To tell the truth, this is a much more reliable protection than any license can provide.

Withdrawal Options

There is no payment method other than Ethereum. The process does not last for more than a few seconds and no commission is paid. But most importantly, as mentioned above, you can receive your money right after you score a winning.

Deposit Options

Like withdrawal, you can only use Ethereum for deposits. Use CoinBase or ShapeShift to buy Ethereum, supports both platforms. There are no commissions and the process only takes a few seconds.

Support Options

Theoretically, there is no need for a support service: Since the whole process is carried out by the Ethereum blockchain, it is impossible for anyone to interfere. However, you can send your questions about the site and games to [email protected] address.

Verdict can change not just casino games, but the entire gambling industry from start to finish. Think of a world where there are no licensing agencies and audit companies, it is impossible to cheat, and you can withdraw your winnings in seconds: can be the first step in such a world. It may seem like the only thing does is to present two roulette games played according to European rules. However, the infrastructure used for these games can shape the future of the gambling industry. We recommend you to visit even if you do not like roulette: You may be witnessing the history.

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