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Satoshi Mines Review

Minesweeper is back and this time, it can be played with Bitcoin. This is the concept of Satoshi Mines, as can be guessed from the name, and to tell the truth, it is more fun than we remember. Satoshi Mines, who defines itself as a "Bitcoin minesweeper game," really only offers this feature. This is not a betting or casino site - it only includes a minesweeper game. Satoshi Mines may be the perfect choice for casual gambling (and some profits) and you can find everything you wonder about the website in this review.


Country Restrictions

Satoshi Mines is a true anonymous gambling website: The main page does not even have a "login" button. When you want to play the game, a special URL is created for you, which counts as your "identity". (Do not share this URL with anyone.) In other words, you do not even need to provide an e-mail address: You can start playing directly. Therefore, there is no country restriction.

User Experience and Design

Satoshi Mines has a very simple design because its content consists of just one game. The design is predominantly black, but the website does not have a pessimistic look - on the contrary, it encourages visitors to start playing the game. On the main page, you can see short information about the game (and the site itself) and a leaderboard. There is nothing except these. There is only a single button you can use: "start playing". In other words, Satoshi Mines wants you to start playing the game directly without losing time with unnecessary things. For all these reasons, navigation is extremely easy - using a website with a total of two pages (homepage and game page) does not present any difficulties.

The website is compatible with all mobile devices and the game is also developed using HTML5, so it does not have any compatibility issues. With integrated QR codes, you can easily use mobile wallets too. Both pages on the site are loading in a very short time. This is also the case for the game itself: Whether it is a desktop PC or a mobile device you are using, you can start playing the game in a few seconds.

Bonuses & Promotions

As can be guessed, Satoshi Mines does not have any bonuses. This is normal because Satoshi Mines is not a casino site, nor is it a betting site: It only contains one game. Therefore, it is not possible to offer any bonuses. However, the site has an affiliate program. Program members get 10% commission for deposits made with their personal links. Affiliate payments are made every Sunday.

Games on Offer

Not games, “game”: Satoshi Mines consist of only one game and it is our good old friend, the minesweeper. If you have not played this game before, do not worry: It is extremely easy. The game is played on a 5x5 grid and there are 25 “boxes” on the grid. You click on them to "open" each box. There are numbers behind some of the boxes: They represent the rewards you can win. For example, if you bet 3 coins and open a box that reveals a "+11", your balance will rise to 14 coins. So if you're lucky enough, your prize will continue to rise with every box you open. Prize amounts vary according to the amount of stakes and they are increased by a certain multiplier ratio.

Within each grid, there are 3 "bombs". A game lasts until the player finds one of these bombs. If you are very lucky, you can unlock all 22 boxes without finding any bombs. Once you reveal a bomb, you lose the game and all your bets – simple as that. The game has the provably fair feature and displays the encrypted hash value before each round. When a game is over, this value becomes visible and you can be sure that the game is fair on this count. The highest bet you can place is 24 BTC but there is no limit on the minimum bet amount. You can even try out the game completely free of charge: A special currency called "practice bits" is used for this purpose. (Of course, it does not have any financial value.) All games are played from the same page, and completed games also stay on this page. Therefore, you can easily follow the games you have played before. Keep in mind that minesweeper is a game based entirely on luck: There is no strategy you can use. However, the RTP rate of the game is higher when compared to a slot machine, for example.

Site Security

Satoshi Mines website has 128-bit SSL encryption, but no license is available. It is not possible to obtain a license for a website with a single game that can be played with Bitcoin. No ID verification is requested for withdrawals.

Withdrawal Options

You can withdraw to your personal Bitcoin wallet. The "deposit/withdrawal" button on the top left corner of the game page is used for this purpose. The withdrawal operation completes in seconds because it requires only one confirmation. There are no minimum/maximum limits. The only supported currency is Bitcoin.

Deposit Options

You can use Satoshi Mines' Bitcoin wallet address to deposit, or you can scan a QR code with your mobile device. There is no upper or lower limit on deposits, but the highest bet amount you can place is 24 BTC, as mentioned above.

Support Options

The contact form on the Satoshi Mines website is the only support method you can use. Apart from that; e-mail, live chat or phone support is not offered. Satoshi Mines is a one-man operation and therefore, support methods are very limited.


As mentioned above, Satoshi Mines is the perfect choice for casual gambling: It works seamlessly on mobile devices, offers high RTP rates, and is very easy to play. Moreover, it's fun! If you are looking for a simple game that you can play with Bitcoin, Satoshi Mines will be one of the best options. But do not expect anything other than this: The only thing it can offer is a simple and known game which can be played with Bitcoin and nothing else.

Let us know your verdict!

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