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Primedice Review

Some people think that it's difficult for single-game cryptocurrency sites to stay afloat in an industry that is both competitive and unregulated. Basically, anybody with a large bitcoin balance could open up their own website and effectively become 'the house' to start raking in money.If there's a pioneer in this field Primedice has to be considered one of the frontrunners. They started offering dice bitcoin gambling way back in 2013 and now proclaim themselves to be the “undisputed #1 bitcoin gambling website.” A bold claim, but do they back it up?

Country Restrictions

It's actually kind of hard to find a single-game bitcoin gambling site that restricts users based on what country they are in. The fact of the matter is, if you can gain access (whether it by proxy servers or other means) why wouldn't they accept your wagers?That being said, Primedice does restrict players from the US and the UK from making deposits with bitcoin. There's a gray area with that statement however because they still allow you to use their faucet to claim free bitcoin (more on that in a bit). Therefore US and UK players could technically still play at Primedice and build up their bankroll with a bit of luck – but withdrawing requires a confirmed deposit.

User Experience and Design

There's a tough question to consider when you're one of the first single-game bitcoin sites on the web. You'd think Primedice would have the time since 2013 to upgrade their user-interface to be the best on the Internet. Now, Primedice isn't bad – in fact it actually is a bit more pleasant than other bitcoin dice sites – it's just that if you were to claim to be the best, you should spare no expense.Maybe the approach that Primedice takes is to focus on the gameplay and not the experience. In this regard, they've backed up their methodology. The 'how' of their site is one of the best as far as gameplay goes. Bet amounts and profits on win are easy to identify and navigate. You click one button to decide whether you're betting 'over' or 'under' and then simply press 'roll dice'. In this regard there is a handy animation on the bottom of the page that actually displays the result. On that animation is a slider where you can determine the total to bet on – this changes your odds. Betting over 15 on a 1-100 scale is going to have worse odds then betting under, for example.There is a rather busy chat interface on the left side of the page to pass the time while you get your roll on. On a random day in September there were 3,000+ users online so the site definitely is popular. You also have the ability to toggle a few gameplay options such as live stats, animation, hotkeys, and sounds. In this regard, maybe the user interface at Primedice really isn't that bad.

Promotions on Offer

What you'll find on many single-game bitcoin sites is that your traditional promotions are very scarce. That doesn't mean there aren't ways to pick up some extra coins however. The most common way to acquire bitcoin at sites like Primedice is via their faucet – and this is how U.S and UK players can enjoy this site.If you carry a 0 balance on your balance you can visit the faucet at Primedice to get back into the action. The payout is .000002 BTC which isn't even a USD penny. However, with some extreme luck you can use this free deposit to build up your bankroll and thus get into bigger, more intense wagering. Plus, every time you bust and zero back out your bankroll you can visit the faucet. The more you play, the more your experience level rises and thus the higher the faucet payoff will be.Like many other bitcoin gambling sites, Primedice also rewards you for bringing players to their page. Their affiliate program pays you back 10% of the house edge for every bet your recruits make. The house edge is 1% at Primedice so you'll receive 10% of 1% of their wagers.While almost all single-game bitcoin betting sites offer faucets and affiliate programs, something that Primedice offers that few others do is a white hat bounty program. What this means is that if you find and report bugs to their developers, they'll boost your bankroll. There's no set amount on what this bounty is as they say it's based on the seriousness of the bug you discover.

Top Games Available

If you're looking for blackjack, roulette, or slots Primedice isn't exactly the site for you. They are not an online casino, but a single-game bitcoin betting site. That being said, if dice is your game it's hard to argue with the effectiveness of the site. You can always change not only your bet size, but also the payout percentage based on the total that you set and whether you want to bet either 'over' or 'under'.Another feature or top game that Primedice offers is the ability to add users to your friend list – and then play them one on one for coins. While the house edge when playing against the computer is 1%, when you play your friends it is 0%, meaning either you or them will win. Taking money from your friends has never turned out bad, right?

Site Security

There is very little info available on where Primedice is based out of. Their founder Edwardd Miroslav did do an AMA on Reddit which contained some pretty interesting information. You'll find that very few single game bitcoin casinos provide their licensing info so it's not that hard to believe that the details are hard to find.Primedice is listed as provably fair. What this means in a nutshell is that the result of the roll is determined before you place a bet and doesn't change based on whether you click 'over' or 'under'. They offer a client script to view so you can verify the programming was the same both before and after your roll.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

Primedice deals solely in bitcoin which probably won't be appealing to those who prefer other cryptocurrencies such as DogeCoin or Litecoin. The max bet that you can make on your deposits is 5BTC with the maximum payout being 40BTC. There are however no maximums listed for either deposits or withdrawals. There is a minimal .0002 fee on withdrawals. Also, any deposit must receive at least one confirmation before it is credited to your account. Withdrawals can only be done once there are no remaining confirmations on deposits.

Customer Support

As stated, the live chat to the left of the dice interface might be your best bet for customer support. The contact page at Primedice even tells you to ask them first. Other than that there is a contact form for response via email. Also, Primedice seems to be very active on Facebook and also has a Twitter account.


All things considered, Primedice seems pretty cool. So cool, that it's kind of unfortunate that they stopped accepting players from the U.S and UK. The interface is actually kind of neat and the setup is efficient. If you live in a country that isn't a stick in the mud about gambling, enjoy rolling with Primedice. 

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