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Crypto currency games have been around in full-swing for 5+ years. That being said, some people may be new to not only bitcoin, but also the ability to purchase and bet with the currency. CryptoGames is an example of the type of site that will appeal not only to those new to the methods and procedures of bitcoin betting, but also those seasoned to the game.Now, to be fair Crypto-Games is not going to disrupt your mind with eye-popping graphics or a seemingly un-navigatable slate of games. They offer simplistic betting which has become the trademark of the bitcoin industry. They have enough games to wet a variety of wagering appetites and provide betting in a provably fair manner. For some – that's all you need from an online bitcoin casino.


Country Restrictions

Crypto Games is solely bitcoin and altcoin which generally means they can find a way for you to bet no matter where you're from or how creative their means to accomplish this have to be. Some bitcoin sites will even shout to the rafters (from Facebook) that users from “so and so country” are restricted – but will actually accept them when they go to sign up. Luckily Crypto Games makes none of those original claims and states to be open to players from around the world. Interestingly though English is the native language on the site and seems to be the only language that is supported at all.

User Experience and Design

As soon as you log onto Crypto Games you'll be presented with all the games at your disposal and in which manner you can deposit currency and wager with. Getting into the games is easy as well, simply click on the game and then correspondingly select in which currency you would like to play / transfer with. Choices available for currency include:
  • bitcoin
  • dogecoin
  • dash
  • ether
  • gridcoin
  • litecoin
  • peercoin
  • stratis
  • monero
Another currency offered through the site is play money. Just as the name implies, this is a free currency that you can use to peruse the site and sample all the different types of games that Crypto Games offers. It should be noted that you must first visit the rewards page of the site in order to claim funds to play with.Another item about Crypto Games that is efficient is the fact that no user name or log in is required to play any of the games. The rewards can be claimed instantly – as long as your available balance is 0. Also of note, rewards do not need to be redeemed in free money – they can be done so in any currency that the site deals with. This means you could effectively claim free bitcoin then go on a hot streak in the casino while building your bankroll incredibly – and essentially, free.Once again, the graphics on the site aren't anything that's going to make the folks at Pixar jealous. That being said, they do offer the same game play of each of the activities they represent. There are animations of coins bursting after every win in table games and sound effects of coins hitting the change slot after a victory on the slot reels.

Promotions on Offer

Like a majority of anonymous bitcoin casinos, Crypto Games does not offer a welcome bonus or deposit incentive. Even with rollover requirements and other stipulations it is just too risky for bitcoin gambling sites to offer free money to players who may be building multiple anonymous accounts from various IP addresses, etc.That being said there are a few ways to get extra coins from the site. The first is with the all-too-familiar bitcoin faucet. This gives players .000003 BTC every 3 minutes as long as their account balance is 0. The site does offer the ability to give other players cryptocurrency tips – which is another way to earn essentially free money. These can be earned by helping others in the chat room or just overall becoming a more beneficial asset to the site (reporting possible bugs, for example).The affiliate program gives you 25% of the house edge on every wager that one of the members you led to Crypto Games makes. House edges include:
  • Dice -0.8%
  • Slots – 1.97%
  • Blackjack – 1.253%
  • Lottery – No house edge, but it gives away 1% more than paid (negative house edge of 1%, or EV+)/li>
  • Plinko
  • Video Poker - 2%

Top Games Available

What Crypto Games does offer is a decent selection of games to wager on. Their game really isn't geared towards one type of game like enticing you to play dice first or slots first. Instead they present each game in a well-established manner which includes dice, slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, plinko, and lotto.Other than Video Poker which offers 3 varieties of game, all games on Crypto-Games have only one version available. There is one slot game for example, and only one variation of blackjack and roulette. The plinko game involves you selecting a virtual ball to drop and collecting the reward based on its positioning. You might win up to 650X your bet, but could claim as little as 0.4%.

Site Security

The Crypto Games site was developed by a group of IT professionals which means they put an immense value on the safety of their site. They also keep a surplus of their funds in a cold wallet to protect against hacking. Other than that, there is minimal information about where the site is licensed and regulated – only that it started in August of 2014.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

All deposits through the site are done via cryptocurrency. That being said, Crypto Games does offer one of the most expansive options of currencies available in this manner. 9 currencies are accepted at the site and are generally available within 20 minutes. Withdrawals require two confirmations, and they offer an exchange for players to swap coins between every currency.

Customer Support

The site offers a majority of their support via e-mail response and Zendesk live chat, but they do have a link to their page on the official bitcoin talk forum, where they are very active. Alongside this Crypto-Games is active daily on Facebook and also maintains a Twitter page.


Crypto Games is a great site if you want variety. Even heavy bitcoin dice players want a little break from the rolls sometime and this web page provides that. When you throw in some innovative betting options such as plinko, and the fact that the site was developed by professionals in the IT industry it makes the site seem very feasible for enjoyable bitcoin betting.

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