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Single game bitcoin sites are not a new thing, but most of them deal with dice or other 50/50 “high-low” choices. bitKong is an entirely different animal – literally a gorilla -  in which you must make multiple choices to climb the rungs towards a bonus. Each part of the game is a choice within itself, but one that increases in risk (and reward) the more consecutive correct choices you pick.Obviously there isn't going to be much variety offered when a site gives you only one gaming option. That being said, bitKong focuses their attention on making that single game as fun and addictive as possible. It seems to have worked too. The site features a live tracker on games played and bits wagered and as of August 2017 the numbers were 149,000,000 and 26,000,000,000 respectively.

Country Restrictions

bitKong offers the ability to sign up for an account anonymously. Well, technically users log in through Facebook but anybody who has ever stalked an ex or seen the show 'Catfish' knows that it's very much possible to create a fake Facebook account. You'd think this anonymous nature of the site would entice users from any country to take part in the unique game. While US and UK players are allowed, those in Croatia are not however.

User Experience and Design

If there's one central theme to the bitKong experience it can be summed up in 'straightforward.' When you visit the homepage (one of only about 3 pages to navigate) you're instantly met with 'the game.' bitKong is very similar to Donkey Kong in that your objective is to make your way up a tower that is, in this case, guarded over by a giant gorilla.The gameplay at bitKong is very Minesweeper-esque. Your goal is to click on one button situated in a row of three. If you select a 'safe' button, you earn that amount of bitcoin and advance to the next row. Each row you advance up the reward gets higher. There are 10 total rungs and if you make it all the way up you get to collect a significant bonus. Two of the buttons on each row are safe while one contains the dreadful 'donkey poo' that ends your round and takes your money.The reason that bitKong has risen so much in popularity largely has to do with its simplicity. There is a little bit of risk-taking that every gambler loves however. After each successful row selection, you can choose to either take your winnings, or risk them to pick for the higher amount in the next row. It's very indicative of the endings to popular TV game shows - “do you take the guaranteed money, or risk it all for bigger winnings?”The design is smooth and once again, simple. Most players could probably do without the constant running tally of games played and bits wagered or the seizure inducing 'recent games' leaderboard. One tip is to move off the 'recent' tab and instead switch to 'my plays' so that you can play the game with sanity.Otherwise the three navigable tabs include 'deposit', 'withdraw', and 'faucet.' More on what 'faucet' entails in the promotions section.

Promotions on Offer

The 'faucet' tab on bitKong is where you collect bonus bits as you continue to play. The amount of bits collected depends on your balance, your experience, and the time of day. The payouts include:
  • 5 bits claimed every 20 minutes if you have less than 1 bit in your account.
  • 5 bits claimed every 10 minutes if you log on to bitKong through Facebook and play enough to achieve 'Hero' status depending on how much and often you wager.
  • 25 bits claimed up to 6 times on random 'funky hours.'
  • 15 bits every 10 minutes on weekends (Friday through Sunday).
BitKong is far from the only single-game site on the web and like most others, they do not offer any sort of welcome bonus or first deposit match. There are extra ways to boost your bankroll however. An affiliate program for example earns you ¼ of 1% (0.25%) off every bet somebody you referred places, win or lose.If you play bitKong and do well, your balance will not only increase that way – but also through the hall of heroes awards the game offers. Every day the top 10 players of the day are awarded anywhere between 1,000 and 30,000 bits. The weekly top 10 jumps up to 5,000 to 150,000 bits in prizes. The site also offers monthly awards to their top 10 which can reach up to 500,000 bits.There is also a bitKong savings program where if you deposit at least 10,000 bits into the account you can earn 8% interest annually.

Top Games Available

If you have the motto that variety is the spice of life then your spice rack might be a bit empty at bitKong. There is really only one game available at bitKong although there are three different skill level options. In the easy level, you only need to pick the correct option with two columns being right and one wrong. In the medium version of the game, your odds jump to 50/50 as the columns drop down to two – one right, one wrong. If you're really feeling adventurous, the hard version of bitKong gives you only one correct option with the other two in the row being wrong.It's a simple game, but one that still manages to be exciting while also giving you at least some variety.

Site Security

There is some mystery surrounding the origins of the bitKong website. There is very little information available on not only where bitKong is based, but also when it started. The site does offer SSL encryption and is labeled 'provably fair' however.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

bitKong is a bitcoin only site which means the only way to withdraw or deposit funds is through a bitcoin chain. There is no wallet sharing or player-to-player transfers either.

Customer Support

The gist of the customer support offered at bitKong seems to be eight blog articles that serve as a sort of FAQ. There is also a link to a forum topic about the site where users can ask others vague questions about the site. It seems that the best way to get in touch with the company itself is through social media either their Twitter or Facebook page.


There's really not much to say about the bitKong experience – you'll either hate it, or love it immensely and play for hours. About the only variety you can give yourself is changing the difficulty settings on the game. There is some fun risk taking in choosing whether you want to bank your winnings or continue climbing the rung but that's about it.There's really no other way to sum up game play at bitKong besides “it is what it is.”

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