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Betmoose Review

Betmoose, a Canadian pari-mutuel betting service founded in 2015, uses the slogan "bet on anything" and indeed it does: You can bet for any outcome you want, not just for sports. All bets on the website are created by the users. In other words, Betmoose only acts like an "escrow" and does not interfere with the contents of the bets without a complaint. Betmoose brings a fairly innovative approach to the classic betting system - it is not like the betting sites you are accustomed to and promises a very different experience.


Country Restrictions

Betmoose is a real Bitcoin betting site: It does not enforce restrictions for any country because it allows anonymous membership. Wherever you live in the world, you can become a member with just an e-mail address and start playing (or creating) bets.

User Experience and Design

The Betmoose design is very different when compared to “classic” betting websites. It has a very colorful look, even looks like a personal blog at first glance. Remember the tables that the classic betting sites use? None of them are used in Betmoose. First, you need to select a category from the main page. Betmoose has hundreds of categories and dozens of betting options are offered under each category. Once you've selected the category, click on any offer you want. The betting interface is fairly simple and easy to understand: The "description" section explains what the bet is about. You can also see other users' estimates through this interface and of course, the payouts. At the bottom of the screen are the buttons (e.g. "Yes" and "No") that are set according to the content of the bet. By pressing one of these buttons you place a bet. In this regard, the whole experience resembles a social media site.

As can be guessed, the website gives full support to all mobile devices and operating systems. Since the classic betting tables are not available in Betmoose, it is possible to get a more enjoyable user experience with mobile devices – detailed tables and small screens don’t work well together. Page loading times are very short and there is no problem even with slow connections.

Bonuses & Promotions

Betmoose has no promotions. There isn’t even an affiliate system that we are used to seeing often. This is not a surprising choice, as the true Bitcoin betting sites offer no bonuses in general. However, at least we would like to see an affiliate offer.

Games on Offer

It is not possible to give a list in terms of betting options offered: Bets are created by users, not Betmoose. Likewise, betting rates are also determined by the users. You can see thousands of different bet offers at any time of the day: Politics, currencies, sports, even TV shows - you can be sure that there is a betting option for any outcome you can imagine. Trending betting tags are shown on the homepage.

When a user creates a bet, he gets the right to “collect” money for that bet. There is a time limit for bets, but this is not subject to any restrictions: You can even bet on an outcome that will take place after 6 months. The system is not regularly checked by Betmoose. When the specified time is up, the bet maker announces what the outcome is. Players must submit their objections to Betmoose within 24 hours of this statement. Otherwise, the bet closes.

So, how is security provided? Betmoose has a reputation system. You can understand how trustworthy the bet maker is from the comments left over by other users under his username. The money you deposit is kept in the Betmoose escrow account and only paid if no complaint is made. When the outcome is unclear or abuse is detected, Betmoose cancels the bet and returns the participants' money.

The most important feature of Betmoose betting is the advantage it offers to early participants: Each bet has a multiplier value and this value decreases as the number of participants increases. For example, if a multiplier of a bet is initially 2,000x, as the duration decreases, those who join later gain a maximum of 1,000x multiplier. In other words, the sooner you join, the more you earn. As you can understand from these explanations, Betmoose also offers its users the chance to become a "bookmaker": If you have enough reputation, you can also create a bet offer and get 0.5% - 1% of the money deposited regardless of the outcome. How much you earn depends on your membership level.

Site Security

Betmoose uses 128-bit SSL encryption provided by AddTrust on all pages. However, no license is available. This is not surprising because there is no institution to license a peer-to-peer pari-mutuel betting system. Remember that Betmoose does not check bets created by the users beforehand: Even if there is no problem with security, avoid bets with very complex and/or unusual outcomes.

Withdrawal Options

You can withdraw your winnings to your Bitcoin wallet address. Apart from that, there is no withdrawal method. Betmoose gets 3% commission from every winning payout. (This commission also shows how the site earns money.) However, the transaction itself is not subject to any fees. After you become a member, you have to wait 48 hours before you can issue a withdrawal request. There is no withdrawal limit.

Deposit Options

You can deposit money to Betmoose's Bitcoin wallet address. The only supported currency is Bitcoin. There is no minimum or maximum deposit limit: The betting limits are set by the users and it is possible to place a bet for any amount.

Support Options

Unfortunately, the only support option offered is a contact form on the Betmoose website. E-mail, live chat, and telephone support are not available. However, you can also contact the Betmoose team via their Reddit account and Bitcointalk thread.


Betmoose is a very creative concept: It adds the benefits of Bitcoin to the pari-mutuel betting system. We can say that it is “one of its kind”. It appeals to all kinds of gamblers out there and gives each member a chance to become a bookmaker. Due to its innovative features, we recommend it – whatever your likes are, you can be sure that you will find a suitable betting option. But keep in mind that the service provided is not constantly audited and may be misused, especially if you are a beginner.

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