322 Million Users Suddenly Became Owner Of A Mobile Wallet

If you think it’s too hard to use mobile wallets, or if you do not use a wallet because you do not want to deal with separate software, we have good news for you: You can now access your crypto wallet from within your browser. The latest version of the Opera Android browser, which has 322 million users, offers an internal mobile wallet. So you do not have to switch between software: You can use your wallet directly at an exchange site, or you can transfer money to any address you want with ease.

Let’s once again note that the wallet is only available for the browser’s Android version: Desktop users are not able to take advantage of this feature for now. The reason for this is that the Opera wallet utilizes the “secure system lock” feature of the Android operating system. This technology removes the necessity of using PIN codes or passwords to use the wallet. This means that it is very practical and even more accessible than e-wallet services.

The Opera wallet makes it easy to make payments and lets you manage your crypto-currencies through an easy-to-understand interface, almost as easy as PayPal. The wallet now supports ETH and all ERC-20 tokens. Since it also provides support for Ethereum Web3 API, it allows the development of decentralized applications (DAPP). This means that software developers can develop their apps to work directly with the Opera wallet.

The Opera browser does not have a crypto-currency or token of its own, but this step may indicate that such plans are in the future. We know that the Brave browser will soon start to use its own crypto-tokens, so why not do the same in Opera? Even now, thanks to the ERC-20 token support, it already natively supports hundreds of crypto-currencies.

Well, You Can Buy and Sell RSC, For Example

This, of course, also means that it supports countless altcoins that are defined as “garbage”. For example, one of these is RSC: An altcoin “developed” by Ronaldinho, it is short for “Ronaldinho Soccer Coin“. The project does not have a white-paper and its aim is to be the currency of a betting market named “Planet RSC”. You heard it right: The famous soccer player Ronaldinho is developing an online betting portal and wants you to use his own coin on this portal. This is actually nothing new, James Rodriguez, which is another famous soccer player, did the same thing with “JR10 token”. However, projects that do not have such a specific target and developed only for advertising purposes usually do not last very long. We estimate that this will also apply to RSC: When you start using your Opera wallet, you can bypass RSC and JR10 coins.

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