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To be rich, you just have to choose the right numbers: Lottery games promise you this. However, regular lottery games are subject to geographical restrictions and for example, you need to live in America to play Powerball. However, by choosing Ethereum lottery games, you can get rid of all the restrictions and get a fair and fun experience. Ethereum blockchain also supports lottery games and offers every player the chance to become a millionaire in mere seconds.

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What Is Ethereum Lottery?

Ethereum Lottery is almost identical to classic lottery games, but on the the Ethereum blockchain! The whole game has been automated and does not have to be supervised by “humans”. This is not possible anyway: Nobody can intervene in Ethereum lottery games because they work on a decentralized network. Therefore, Ethereum lottery games are really fair and it is possible for players to control all the draws. The rules of these games are still the same, but by working on the blockchain, they offer many advantages to the players.

How Does Ethereum Lottery Work?

Drawings of Ethereum lottery games are made by an RNG software running on the blockchain. To participate in a draw, you need to know the wallet address of the organizer. You can send Ether to this address anonymously and join the game without having to share your credentials. Since there are no central servers, no one can intervene in Ethereum lottery games and, for example, governments cannot “ban” them. You can participate in any of the Ethereum lottery games that run 24/7 without being exposed to geographical and legal restrictions. Your winnings will be automatically sent to your Ethereum wallet address and your personal and financial information will always be safe. Moreover, the RTP rate of Ethereum lottery games is much higher: Almost all have a house edge of less than 1%.

Rules of Ethereum Lottery

If you have played any lottery game before, you are ready for Ethereum lottery too. The rules of this game are simple and even if you have never played before, you can learn the rules in a few minutes. Ethereum lottery is a game based purely on luck and the goal is to guess the correct numbers. The game starts with a table with multiple figures on it. The number of figures on the table is different for each game. They may be between 1 and 67, or as high as 1 – 82. Each player has to place a bet to enter the drawing. The amount of this bet is also different for each game. Some Ethereum lottery games are played with a minimum of 5 ETH per draw, some of which can even be played with 0.1 Ether. Usually, the higher the entry bet, the higher the prize amount.

The bet you deposit entitles you to choose from the numbers on the table. In this regard, every bet is a “virtual ticket” and can be used for a single drawing. The number of figures you can choose is different for each game. Some games allow 10, some allow up to 20 figures. The thing to note here is that the number of figures you can choose is fixed. So no matter how much money you deposit, this number will not change: It is not possible to “buy” more figures to choose.

Players can choose any figures they wish. Most games also allow automatic selection. So, if you like, the game can choose random figures for you before each drawing. After the selection phase ends, the draw phase begins. An RNG software randomly selects from the numbers on the table and determines the result. If the numbers selected by the RNG software match the numbers selected by the player, a payout will be made according to the paytable. The amount of award depends on the number of correctly predicted figures. In general, the more numbers you guess correctly, the higher your reward will be. In order to win the biggest prize, you have to guess all the figures correctly. However, this is extremely unlikely.

A large part of Ethereum lottery games have multiplier awards. So even if you play with the minimum bet, it is still possible to win a satisfactory prize. Payments for some games may go up to 2,000 times the bet. In other words, you can bet 1 ETH and earn 2,000 ETH, if you are lucky enough. (However, for such a prize you will have to guess almost all the figures correctly.) These are simple games and usually continue 24/7. Because they are automated systems, they do not need to be regularly and continuously checked. Once a prize is earned, payments are made automatically and instantly.

Ethereum lottery games have a very simple interface, so it is possible to play them easily on mobile devices too. But in that case, you may not benefit from the provably fair feature. This feature requires using a widget, and browsers on mobile devices are not suitable for this. However, on desktop PC browsers, you can check how fair the drawing is at any time.

Top Strategies for Ethereum Lottery

There are no strategies for Ethereum lottery games. The probabilities are too high to be calculated. There is no tactic you can use to increase your chances. However, we can advise you to pay attention to two things:

  • The fewer the numbers on the table, the more likely you are to win. A table with 60 figures gives you more chance to win than a table with 80 figures. For this reason, do not choose Ethereum lottery games that use more than 67 numbers. Ideally, you should choose games that contain 60 numbers or less. Unfortunately, these are quite rare.
  • Even if a number sequence is important to you, do not use it consistently. You may think that your birth date is your lucky number, but using diversity will increase your chances of winning. Pick different numbers every time and remember that there is no “pattern”.

Ethereum lottery games have higher RTP rates than regular lottery games. Still, your overall chances of winning are low. Do not place high bets on these games and aim to have fun primarily. If your goal is to earn a regular income, Ethereum lottery games are not the right choice for that. Being a professional gambler gives you no advantage: Everyone has the same chance of winning in these games. If you want to use tactics and strategies and take advantage of the statistics, we recommend you to opt for Ethereum blackjack and poker.

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