Ethereum Games

You no longer need to download games or worry about how fair they are: You can use Ethereum blockchain as a gaming platform that you can access anytime. Moreover, games running on the blockchain will have many features that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Meet Ethereum games today and start playing now: Blockchain technology may become the only platform you need in the future.

What Are Ethereum Games?

Simply put, all games running on Ethereum blockchain are called “Ethereum games”. As you can imagine, you usually have to make a payment in Ether to play these games. If you win, you will get paid more than the money you deposit. In this respect, most Ethereum games are similar to a betting application: You try to guess the result of the game and place a bet for a certain outcome. These are not skill based games and luck is the only thing you need. Some examples are:

  • Ethereum Dice: Is often a simple dice game which you try to guess the result will be less or more than a certain figure.
  • Crypto-Kitties: This game was so popular that it affected all Ethereum blockchain. All Ether transfers are delayed for a short time. Crypto-Kitties is a kind of a “Pokémon” clone. It allows you to collect digital kittens and create new species.
  • Ethereum Roulette: A version of the classic roulette game that works on the blockchain. The house edge is much lower and your chances of winning are much higher. As an example, we can show

However, it is not always necessary to make a payment to play Ethereum games. Some games are completely free, and payment may only be necessary to take advantage of a particular feature. At any rate, Ethereum games work in a closed ecosystem and all deposits & withdrawals are made with Ether when necessary. If we list the common properties of all Ethereum games:

  • They are luck-based games. Skill is not important nor required.
  • Most of them are actually betting applications that look like a game. These require a payment in advance. You can also get paid out in these games.
  • However, there are free Ethereum games too and not all of them are a betting application in disguise. You can enjoy them freely and play just for fun. So not all of them are for gambling.

All Ethereum games run on a decentralized network and they do not have a central server. From simple arcade games to advanced betting platforms, anything that can be considered as “gaming” can run on Ethereum blockchain. The rules of these games and the way they are played will not differ at all. Ethereum blockchain only makes them more enjoyable, advantageous, and “fair”. For example, players can check how fair a game result is anytime they want – this feature is called “provably fair” and it is only one of the benefits of Ethereum games.

However, there is an important thing we need to note about Ethereum games: They are not shiny. The graphics quality of games running on the Ethereum blockchain (at least for now) has a limit. Even the best looking games cannot offer more than the graphics quality of 2000’s. Most of the Ethereum games need CPU power, not GPU. So they are mostly 2D games with “cute” graphics at best. Do not expect the graphical quality of PC games at least for now. However, if game engines like Unity can be adapted to the blockchain, this situation can change easily. Note that the Ethereum blockchain has a tremendous processing power: In theory, it has the computing power that can run even the most advanced games without any difficulty. However, the applications that can use this potential are still under development.

How Do Ethereum Games Work?

The PC games you install on your computer are an “exe” file. Games on the web are mostly HTML5 applications. At any rate, these apps run on a central server: For regular games that are installed on your PC, this “server” is your computer. Online gaming sites run on their own servers. Ethereum games are completely different: These applications work on a blockchain, not a server. You do not need to download or install any software to play (*). It is possible to start playing/betting whenever you like and from anywhere in the world. You do not have to share your identity or even become a member. You can start playing within a few seconds via your browser or mobile device without having to fill out any membership forms. These are the main advantages you get with Ethereum games:

  • Full Anonymity. You do not need to share personal and financial information to place a bet or buy an in-game item. Forget credit cards and ID verification: It is enough to have a wallet address to play Ethereum games.
  • No Restrictions. Your favorite developer’s game may not be available in your country due to local laws. Or, perhaps, placing a bet is illegal in your country. Ethereum games set you free: They are not subject to any of these restrictions. You can get rid of all kinds of geographical and legal limitations with Ethereum games.
  • No “Tracking”. Ethereum blockchain transactions cannot be tracked by governments and tax authorities. Are you making money by casual games of luck? Or, are you getting a regular income from casino games? Whatever you do, Ethereum will ensure that you always stay anonymous.
  • Instant Withdrawals. Whether you are withdrawing your winnings or placing a bet for a roulette game, the transaction will be completed in a few seconds. Moreover, you will always have control: No transaction will be completed until the smart contract conditions are met.

Ethereum Games vs. Bitcoin Games

The fact that both are crypto-currencies does not mean they provide the same benefits. Bitcoin games are applications that are still running on a central server. Bitcoin does not have a central authority, but no external application can work on its blockchain. In other words, you can use Bitcoin to pay anonymously and accept payments, but applications that provide BTC support still work as always. You are still playing the same game and you are still not a player, but a customer. Only now, you can pay anonymously. Apart from that, you have no advantage.

Ethereum, on the other hand, does not have any of these problems thanks to the smart contracts feature. You are not playing the same game or placing the same bet anymore and the only thing that has changed is not the currency. When placing a bet or making a deposit, you are actually signing a smart contract. If you make a profit, you can be sure that you are getting paid. Ethereum smart contracts will automatically resolve most of the conflicts and ensure that you are always satisfied with your gaming experience. In short, all payments/bets you make in Ethereum games can be controlled through the smart contracts infrastructure. Moreover, you can still benefit from anonymity, fast transactions, and lower transaction fees. Speaking of fees, Ethereum has much lower transfer fees than Bitcoin too.

Thanks to its support for external applications and the infrastructure of smart contracts, Ethereum is a much more convenient blockchain for gambling games. You can even think of it as a platform where any application is available: You can join from anywhere in the world, use any service you like, and come together with the developers by getting rid of all the middlemen. Bitcoin, unfortunately, does not have any of these features and cannot go beyond being an encrypted currency.

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