Dash Gambling

Dash is a cryptocurrency that was released on January 18, 2014. During its release it was referred as XCoin. On February 28 it was renamed to “Darkcoin.” To distance itself from the notoriety of the dark web, it was renamed to Dash on March 25, 2015, the name which it adopts as at the moment. Founded by Evan Duffield, and meaning Digital Cash, Dash has seen tremendous growth, popularity, and interest from many stakeholders (investors, gamblers, traders, institutions). This is evident from two metrics. First, it is the trade volume per day which is approximately $100million. Second is market capitalization which has passed the $1.4billion mark.

What is Dash gambling?

Dash unique features have seen it be adopted by many casinos. Casinos have introduced Dash sports book, dash binary trading and dash spread betting. This offers players opportunities to wager and speculate Dash prices. Casinos adoption of these Dash events is backed up by the fact that punters would want to keep their information anonymous.

Top Dash Gambling Sites

There are several casinos that offer online gambling using Dash. The list below is a brief of the casinos and the games they offer.

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Advantages of Dash gambling

  • Anonymity. Gambling using Dash provides the punter with total anonymity. Information about transaction and balances are only known to the wallet holder. Unlike where banks are involved, the bank staffs are left with these records and they can scrutinize. With Dash, the only available information is the sender’s and receiver’s dash wallet number.
  • No forex charges. Since Dash is a standard currency on its own, when you wager using Dash you will not incur any forex related charges. This is unlike where the casino allows wagering in specific currency and in your wallet you hold a different currency from what the casino allows. This leads to forex charges to be absorbed by the punter due to conversion.
  • Transaction speed. Gamblers are able to fund their wallets faster using Dash since the transaction does not involve intermediary. This means there are no bureaucracies or processes in processing transaction. Dash unlike other altcoins and the famous bitcoin, its transactions are instant because of the use of the InstantX technology.
  • Wallet security. The advantage of using Dash is that the security of the wallet is guaranteed. It is advisable to download a wallet to your smart device such as a laptop or desktop instead of using the web wallets.

Dash uses advanced encryption and the protocols are trustless. This guarantees gambler’s security and anonymity.

  • Accessibility. Due to the fact that most of the cryptocurrencies transactions are done online, this simply makes Dash a digital currency that can be accessed anywhere in the world. This gives punters from countries facing restriction in online gambling a chance also to gamble online. This is because the cryptocurrencies are not owned by the state. Therefore, upon having a Dash funded wallet you can always wager from anywhere in the world.
  • Impossible to freeze wallet. Dash just like other cryptocurrencies has no centralized system of regulation compared to how central banks regulate the fiat money. This makes it hard monitoring and regulating the cryptocurrencies. This ideally means that funds can’t be frozen by any authority.

Future for DASH gambling

With more casinos adopting Dash, it is certain that they have acknowledged the players demand for Dash. However, as Dash and other digital coins continue to be accepted, it is appropriate for the casinos to at least put some measures when new players are registering since with the digital coins it is hard to verify age. This may render casinos to accept a lot of underage kids into the gambling scene which is illegal and inappropriate.

Looking at Dash features, there are a lot of features that Dash Masternode network seems to embrace in the future. For the past two years, this Masternode network has allowed the following features

  • InstantX: This feature has enabled transactions to be fast, therefore, reducing lag times.
  • Self-Budgeting: This feature allows Dash coin workers to have their budget to avoid falling short of funds or calling for donations. This increases transparency and avoids having self-interests.
  • Self-Governance: To allow smooth decision making, the masternodes have the capability to vote on what development takes place.

Considering these three features have been implemented for the past two years, Dash seems to revolutionize the digital currency space with many more changes. Whenever there are changes the gambling industry also experiences the same. It is therefore prudent to say that Dash is likely to be the game changer for the gambling industry. An example is the ‘evolution’ which is the next phase of Dash. ‘Evolution’ is expected to make Dash be more user-friendly and give room for decentralized arbitration.

It is expected that more gambling regulators will have to accept Dash as a currency for online gaming. This will see it have more adoption in more countries, its demand increase and wider adoption in more casinos.

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