Bitcoin Video Poker

Although Bitcoin Video Poker may not be getting a lot of attention online, it’s still one of the most interactive and captivating poker games. All it requires is your professional skills and knowledge. If you like playing poker, you’ll be pleased with playing Bitcoin Video Poker because it’s just like playing regular poker.

Just like any skill game, it needs you to use proper strategies and pre-understanding the moves of your opponent. Learning to play Video poker is also quite rewarding as compared to other online games. Besides, it comes with several returns for both online and offline gamers. In fact, if you have a good strategy and know what you’re doing, it’s hard for you to lose money!

Because Bitcoin Video Poker is secure, it offers several options as compared to real life poker. Hence, it’s not surprising to hear that a good number of gamers are choosing to play this amazing game. Of course, they find it to be better, more rewarding and most importantly, it gives them control of all their cash prizes.

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How Does Bitcoin Video Poker Work?

Luckily, Bitcoin Video Poker is quite straightforward and simple to understand. Here, once you select your preferred wager amount, you’re given 5 random cards. Among these cards, you should pick the two that you want to keep and the rest of the cards are discarded.

So, in place of the three cards that you’ve removed, the game gives you other three cards to complete your 5-card hand. You can either win or lose your wager when you draw all 5 cards but this depends on what appears on the screen. Therefore, the main aim of the game is to reward gamblers who have the best 5-card video poker hand!

Which Strategies Should You Use?

Bitcoin Video Poker is at a randomization level just like any other online slot. So, you might not get a lot of strategies. Luckily, here are some three effective tips:

  • When you’re given cards which directly lead to high hand ranks like straight flush, royal flush or even full house, do not separate them. Keep them and you’ll surely win!
  • If you get three similar cards, you can opt to discard or hold the two different cards. Such increases your chances of getting 4 matching cards or a full house.
  • When get two unmatched cards, 2 low pairs and one high card, get rid of the unmatched cards and keep the rest. In doing so, you’ll still win if you only get another lowly ranked pair!

Bitcoin Video Poker vs. Bitcoin Poker

Here’s a question you need to ask yourself: What’s the difference between Bitcoin Poker and Bitcoin Video Poker? Well, Bitcoin poker is high-paced gaming action and is maybe the top gambling game in the world. Just like Bitcoin Video Poker, it takes a lot of skill, strategy and patience. However, unlike the video version where you play alone using bitcoins, the game allows you to compete with others.

As the game starts, each gamer who still has a ‘hand’ should draw one to five cards from a full deck. Here, it’s not the machine that draws the cards for you but a dealer. So, the draw begins with the person seated on the left side of the dealer. It’s also important to mention that if two or more players have a ‘hand,’ the dealer calls for a showdown. Of course, the player with the best ‘hand’ wins!


Why should you play Bitcoin Video Poker? Well, it all depends if you love a good challenge. This is one of the games where you don’t just win by chance but through careful thought and planning. So, both Bitcoin Poker and Bitcoin Video Poker will require you to work your way to victory to earn huge cash prizes.

Despite this, these poker games are also packed with excitement and thrill. It’s no wonder that most people look at them as the best online card games. They know that if they play their moves correctly, they would easily walk out with handsome bonuses and massive returns. If you haven’t tried out Bitcoin Video Poker, you’re missing out on the most impressive online game!

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