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Predict the numbers correctly and become rich: This is the dream of every lottery gamer. Lottery games are a category that online gambling sites often do not care about. However, they are very popular games and it is possible to win enormous prizes. Bitcoin lottery games are the answer to this shortcoming of the online gambling industry – they bring entertainment and profits together. Bitcoin lottery rules are very simple and they are probably the best option for casual gambling. Moreover, the advantages of using Bitcoin are also valid for these games. In this article, we will focus on what these advantages are and the characteristics of Bitcoin lottery games.

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What Is Bitcoin Lottery?

If you have played any lottery before, you are ready to play Bitcoin lottery too: The winning conditions and the general gameplay do not differ. You choose your “lucky” numbers and hope to win at the end of the draw. The only difference is that you use Bitcoin as your currency. However, Bitcoin lottery games offer some advantages thanks to blockchain technology:

  • They Are Safer. You do not need to use a credit card or bank account in Bitcoin lottery games. As it is obvious from the name, Bitcoin is used to deposit and withdraw money. Since Bitcoin is an anonymous and secure payment system, you do not need to share your financial information with anyone – there is no security risk.
  • They Are Anonymous. There is no need to share your credentials and/or verify your identity to play a simple lottery game. You can play Bitcoin lottery games without having to share any information other than your e-mail and blockchain address.
  • They Are Faster. You can withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin lottery games in a few seconds. You do not need to wait.
  • They Are Free. You can try Bitcoin lottery games for free. This feature, which is not found in most of the other casino games, is available in almost all Bitcoin lottery games.

How Does Bitcoin Lottery Work?

Bitcoin lottery games are not only available at online casino sites. There are many websites that offer this game (and that can be used free of charge). Bitcoin lottery games run through an RNG software like many other casino games. Let’s say you are playing a game with a 67-figure table and you choose 16 numbers: The RNG software will select 16 random numbers between 1 and 67. If the numbers selected by the software match the numbers you choose, you will be entitled to a reward.

Bitcoin lottery games have lower house edge rates than real-world lotteries. This ratio varies between 1% and 0.1% on average. However, you need to raise your bets to reduce the house edge ratio. The higher your bet, the less the house edge rate will be. In any case, Bitcoin lottery is more advantageous than its real-world version in terms of winning chance.

Rules of Bitcoin Lottery

Bitcoin lottery is a virtual raffle game: Participants choose some numbers from a table with multiple figures and deposit a bet for these selections. The number of figures on the table and how many of them can be selected are different in every Bitcoin lottery game. In general, it is possible to say that tables with 67 figures are used and 16 numbers are allowed to be selected. The amount of the bet is determined by the player at the beginning of the game. It can be said that every game played is a digital “ticket” and the amount of your preferred bet will be the price of this ticket. However, unlike Bitcoin Keno, the number of selected figures does not increase the bet amount. Because it is not possible to choose more numbers than allowed.

After the player makes his selections, the draw starts. If the numbers at the end of the draw match the numbers chosen by the player, he is entitled to a cash prize. The more numbers you guess, the higher the prize amount. Most Bitcoin lottery games have a multiplier reward system, so payout ratios increase steadily. For example, if you manage to guess all numbers correctly, it is possible to earn 20,000 times your bet. But of course, this is a very low possibility. The amount of rewards you can win is different in every Bitcoin lottery game. As some games feature a progressive jackpot pool, the amount of the reward increases with each game played. In such games, it is possible to win hundreds of Bitcoins.

Top Strategies for Bitcoin Lottery

Unfortunately, there are no strategies that work for Bitcoin lottery games. Like the real-world lotteries, these games are entirely based on luck. But mathematically, there are some ways to improve your chances:

  • Less Is Better. The fewer numbers in a Bitcoin lottery game, the more winning chance you have. As the numbers increase, the possibilities also increase. You are much likely to win a Bitcoin lottery game where 49 numbers are used than a game with 67 numbers, for example. For this reason, prefer Bitcoin lottery games with fewer numbers.
  • Be Creative. Do not always bet on the same numbers. The most common mistake that beginners make is to use special dates, such as birthdays, and not choose anything else. Choose different numbers every time – the more diversity you have, the better your chances will be.
  • Pick Yourself. The numbers on your ticket can be chosen for you automatically by Bitcoin lottery game. While this is a convenience feature, it can cause the same digits to be selected constantly in the long run. Choose your numbers yourself.

To tell the truth, you still have a very low chance of winning even with all of these suggestions. But this is also the purpose of Bitcoin lottery games: In exchange for a very small amount of money, they entertain you and offer you the chance to become rich. Play these games casually, never exceed your budget, always play responsibly and Bitcoin lottery games can provide you hours of fun for free.

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