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Jackpot games have always been one of the first choices of players who want to become rich quickly. Indeed, all of the gambling earnings that managed to enter the Guinness World Records have been derived from jackpot games. Like all other casino games, it is possible to play jackpot games using Bitcoin. Moreover, you can always remain anonymous and withdraw the prize you earn in seconds without paying any commission. In this article, we will talk about the features of the Bitcoin Jackpot games and how you can improve your chances of winning.

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What Is Bitcoin Jackpot?

Bitcoin jackpot games are primarily slot machines. You just use Bitcoin to play them, instead of other currencies. The term “jackpot” indicates that there is a big cash prize you can win. However, even if you do not win this grand prize, it is still possible to earn money using other symbols – just as it is in a slot machine. There are two types of Bitcoin jackpot games:

  • Fixed Bitcoin Jackpot Games: In these games, the jackpot prize is fixed. It does not increase or decrease with every game played. It is possible for more than one player to win the grand prize at the same time. The jackpot prize will never “reset” after a winning. In general, we can say that your chances of winning in such games are higher. Likewise, you can play with low bet amounts.
  • Progressive Bitcoin Jackpot Games: If your goal is to earn big, you should choose progressive games. The jackpot pool in these games is dynamic and the money accumulated in the pool increases with every game played. Sometimes it is possible to win hundreds of Bitcoin. Only one player can win the grand prize and the pool is reset after that. Despite these advantages, these are games with low chances of winning and there is often a requirement to play with the maximum bet amount.

How Does Bitcoin Jackpot Work?

Apart from the fact that Bitcoin is used as currency, the rules of these games do not differ. They look (and play) like a regular fruit slot or video slot machine. Fruit slot machines have fewer symbols and bonus rounds are usually absent. Video slots have more symbols and offer more than one bonus feature. The Bitcoin jackpot games can use any of these two formats. For beginners, the fruit slot format will be a better choice. The video slot format is for experienced players.

In any case, the game you play has a jackpot pool. It is possible to track the amount of prize in this pool through the interface. What you need to do to win the jackpot prize is different in each game. (See below for more details.) All of these games work through an RNG software. Simply put, RNG is a software that generates random numbers. Every symbol in Bitcoin jackpot games has a numerical counterpart. If the number created by the software corresponds to the numeric equivalents of the symbols, the symbols will appear on the screen and you will be entitled to a reward according to the payout table.

Rules of Bitcoin Jackpot

Just like in all other slot games, Bitcoin jackpot games also require you to place the same symbols on a pay line to qualify for a reward. Before starting to play, set the bet amount and press the “spin” button. The reels will turn and randomly selected symbols will be placed on each reel. The pay line is a real line – it connects both sides of the reels and passes over the symbols. It can be a straight or a zigzag line and there are more than one. If at least 3 symbols are placed on one of these lines, you will be entitled to a prize. If these symbols are jackpot symbols, all of the prize that is accumulated in the pool becomes yours.

Jackpot symbols are different in each game. Likewise, you may need to place more than 3 symbols. Each Bitcoin jackpot game has its own rule system, and for that reason, you need to review the paytable screen before you start playing. On this screen, you can see winning conditions, payout values of symbols, and other important information.

Top Strategies for Bitcoin Jackpot

Contrary to the popular belief, there is no strategy you can use for Bitcoin jackpot games. These are games based on pure luck. As mentioned above, every Bitcoin jackpot game is based on an RNG. The system is extremely sophisticated and detailed, so there is no way of predicting. Even the programmers who encode the system cannot predict what the result will be. In this regard, it is not possible to implement a strategy for the Bitcoin jackpot games. However, you can increase your chances of winning by paying attention to certain issues:

  • Beware of RTP Rates. This term, which is an abbreviation of “return to player”, shows how much you will lose in the long run, not your chances of winning. Let’s give an example: If you play a game with 80% RTP rate, you will be able to regain 80 USD of every 100 USD you invest. So your loss will be a maximum of 20 USD. For Bitcoin jackpot games, this value should be 95% and above. Always choose games with high RTP rates.
  • Bet Minimum. Each Bitcoin jackpot game has minimum and maximum betting limits. Your chances of winning do not depend on the stakes. So you can still win a prize even when playing with the minimum bet amount. Do not spend your entire budget on a few spins: Play with the lowest bet allowed. The only exception to this is games with a dynamic paytable. In these games, the amount of prize you can win (not your chances of winning) decreases or increases according to the bet amounts. So you have to play with the maximum bet. Check the paytable screen beforehand to see if payouts are dynamic.
  • There Is Beauty In Simplicity. The less the payout line and the number of symbols, the more likely you are to win. Very “flashy” games have a low RTP rate. Choose simple, plain, and easy-to-play games – your chances of winning will be much higher.
  • Prefer Provably Fair Games. The most important advantage of the Bitcoin jackpot games is that they have the provably fair feature. With this feature, it is possible to check whether the game is really fair or not. To avoid any doubt in your mind, choose games that are provably

At any rate, do not forget that Bitcoin jackpot games depend on luck. There are no strategies that yield 100% results, and it is not possible to implement a strategy like that. You should play Bitcoin jackpot games not only to “become rich”, but also to have fun. Play responsibly and never exceed your budget.

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