Top Bitcoin Games 2018

Few would argue that the advent of bitcoin betting has revolutionized the gambling industry. Players from all over the world – even where online gambling is “banned” – can enjoy wagering on their favorite things all under the guise of anonymity. You can fund your account, bet, withdrawal, and send the money to your checking or savings account all without any government or financial entities knowing where it came from – it’s awesome.

Where you can wager isn’t the only aspect that has changed with bitcoin betting – it’s also what you can bet on. Sure bitcoin gambling has opened back up online casino and sportsbook doors that were previously closed either because they were blacklisted in certain locations or because funding with traditional methods (credit card, bank wire, etc.) was outlawed by government regulations. Besides sportsbooks and casinos though, we’re continually seeing an influx in specialized bitcoin games.

Top Sites to play Bitcoin Games for 2018

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What Are Bitcoin Games?

In a nutshell, bitcoin games allow you to earn cryptocurrency while gaming. From quiz games to puzzles to trivia to action – bitcoin games aren’t necessarily gambling at all.

Bitcoin games will often feature something known as a ‘faucet’ that ‘drips’ bitcoins to users. In this regard, many bitcoin gaming sites are actually free to play. They want to entice users to join the site, interact with other users, and become a regular member. When advertisers see the influx of activity on the site, they want to pay the site owner so that they can get their content seen. This in turn is how the bitcoin game sites make revenue – via advertising, even though they are essentially paying people to play.

Of course most of the games favor the house edge. This means that even though they are dishing out free bitcoin to multiple users, there are others simultaneously losing their BTC. This means that the bitcoin that are ‘in play’ is just a rotating amount of ‘going in’ and ‘coming out.’

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Can You Get Paid Out at Bitcoin Games?

Although bitcoin games operate anonymously, there are some that are still licensed and regulated by government authorities in locations such as Montenegro and Costa Rica. Even so, most allow you to play and earn BTC without even having to enter in membership information. They do pay out – which is why it’s important to know that some are government regulated. If you hit it big at the games, that is when you’ll have to actually create an account with personal information – not a huge nuisance if you’re about to get paid.

A typical payout method is via an online faucet such as Faucet Hub. Playing the games are always free, but if you want to play to win big money you should always check out the withdrawal terms and policies first.

Types of Bitcoin Games

One of the most common types of bitcoin games is obviously casino based content. Different sites will give you money out of their faucet as frequently as every 5 to 15 minutes. The most common types of casino games that can be played for BTC include blackjack, roulette, and slots.

One of the great things about bitcoin games however is that they offer variety. In addition to the standard casino games, some of the other ‘games of chance’ include:

  • Wheel of Wealth – ‘Wheel of Fortune’ type games where you spin a wheel dictating your payout. Some tabs have a jackpot bonus on them where you can instantly boost your bankroll with one quick spin. The most common results however are either “-1”, “refund”, or “+1”. It doesn’t mean you can’t win some funds though with a few hot spins in a row.
  • Falling Fortune – a bitcoin game that is very similar to the “Plinko” game on the show ‘The Price is Right’.or NBC’s The Wall. These types of animated games show your ball falling through a number of pegs on a wall until they ultimately land in a payout slot. These cashout results are very similar to the rates on Wheel of Wealth games.
  • Roll of Chance – your standard ‘high/low’ dice roll where you set a number, then roll the dice predicting if the result is going to be ‘over’ or ‘under’ at what you set.
  • Lottery– just like any lottery, you buy a ticket through the bitcoin games web site and pick your numbers. Up to every hour there is a drawing and the winners recoup the pot.

In many cases, it’s very possible to build up a huge balance having luck at these games. You’ll find out though that like any game of chance – it’s a risk.

Non-Traditional Bitcoin Games

More and more non-traditional bitcoin games are being released as developers see the huge advantages in having people play their games. Smart phone apps are one of the most popular modern ways to get their games distributed. These developers earn revenue for every download and can spread some of that wealth to users in the form of free bitcoin rewards.

There is almost literally any type of game available to earn bitcoin. These include brain training puzzle games, riddles presented in YouTube videos, trading games similar to stock markets, Flash games played with friends, geo-caching activities similar to Pokemon Go, augmented reality games that are a combination of treasure hunts and action games. As more games are integrated with Smart phones and GPS tracking capabilities the potential of these games will only increase.


Bitcoin games are quite literally a ‘game changer’ because they 1) pay out and 2) don’t require a deposit to play. It’s very similar to the ad revenue rewards that users used to receive just for visiting certain websites – but much, much funner.

The free aspect is huge because you can experience a wide variety of games but with no obligation. Some games you’ll play once and never return – while others will find their way into becoming a regular part of your daily schedule.

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