Bitcoin Gambling Guide

Have you tried Bitcoin gambling? If not, then you should quickly jump into the ship before it sails. The gaming process incorporates all types of games such as poker, dice, and slots. It also eliminates the tedious banking process and adds quick and straightforward transactions. Once you put all these features together with user-friendly and healthy digital currency characteristics, you’ll have an enjoyable way of online gambling. Most importantly, it’s exciting, fair and free for all!

Picking Your Casino

That’s just a glimpse into the world of Bitcoin Gambling. But for more information on this, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. For starters, we’ll look at the factors that you’ll need to look into before picking the best Bitcoin casino.

It’s worth mentioning that if you want to make casino withdrawals and deposits using Bitcoin, you’ll first need to look for a reputable gaming service provider. Hence, to avoid coming across embarrassing casinos, follow these tips:

1.     Security Should Be Your Top Priority

Some Bitcoin casinos allow truly anonymous gaming, whereas others require user details to sign up. Licensed bitoin casinos will require you to register some details. For security purposes, try and avoid picking a casino without a license. Although they are not unreliable, if something was to go wrong, you will receive no government intervention in case a transaction process goes wrong. It’s therefore advisable to take time and make a wise decision.

2.     Slot Variety

Does the casino fit right into your gaming demands? First, you’ll need to look carefully into the number of slots it offers. For instance, if you like table games search for Blackjack or Baccarat variations. Looking for a Bitcoin casino with a favourable amount of games allows you to enjoy the full casino experience. Also, having an active software as a supportive base is a huge plus!

3.     How Generous is the Welcome Bonus?

The best Bitcoin casinos will give you fantastic cash rewards. These range from the first, all the way to the fourth deposit bonuses. However, it’s essential to go through the terms and conditions of the game before unlocking the bonus feature. At times, some gamers and payment processors do not consider the wagering requirements.

4.     History of the Casino

Although Bitcoin is relatively new, it’s surprising that some casinos have been using it for close to 4 years. A casino’s experience counts in the world of gaming. So, it’s better to pick the one which has been using Bitcoin for a longer time. It’s safer, stable and more reliable!

5.     Customer Support

The question that you’ll need to ask yourself here is: Does it have a simple gameplay process? Even though the Bitcoin casino has a rich history, it may still come with a few challenges as you play. Hence, it’s good to seek help from customer care agents, and they’ll solve any issues calmly and efficiently.

Tips to Gamble Safely

How safe is gambling using Bitcoin? A good number of people are a bit sceptical about the issue, and you can’t blame them. Because of a significant amount of personal data required by online casinos like utility bills or copies identity cards, it’s only right for such people to feel uncomfortable. However, using Bitcoins is a whole new method of gambling which is safe and secure in the following ways:

A.    Anonymity

All payments sent to and from players are handled without showing any information except your public wallet address. You can send or receive payments quickly since there’s no need for a verification process to check various withdrawals and deposits. Besides, it also allows you to enjoy playing using Bitcoins even in areas where gambling is not legally allowed or where it faces a lot of regulations.

B.    Make Fast Withdrawals

Bitcoin casinos also give you the chance to withdraw your funds as soon as you’re done playing. It’s one of the unique advantages of using Bitcoin as casinos do not hold your money. In any case, as a player, you have total control over your cash. Such means that even if your casino decides to ‘close shop’; it won’t ‘run away’ with your winnings.

C.    Choose Reputable Sites for Gambling

Picking the best Bitcoin casino to play on is crucial because of its irreversible and anonymous nature. Of late, we’ve had cases of fake Bitcoin service providers. So, you should try to avoid them at all costs! Fortunately, Google can quickly help you to research and look for trustworthy websites.

How to Stay Safe Legally

The following methods will help you to stay on the right side of the law as you gamble using Bitcoin. They include:

a)     Avoid Using Fake Wallets

We’ve discovered that counterfeit wallets have emerged in both Google Play and iTunes. Some of them are even being advertised using Google Adwords, making them appear legal. Of course, once reported, these ads and wallets are taken down immediately. Sadly, most people would have already lost their Bitcoins. So, here are some of the legal mobile wallets:

  • Blockchain
  • BreadWallet
  • Coinbase
  • Samurai Wallet
  • Airbitz
  • Xapo

b)     Choosing the Top Exchanges

These are merely platforms where you can buy your Bitcoins. Some of the reputable sites include Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Local Bitcoins and Kraken. However, while using them, you’ll need to take great caution because malicious hackers love targeting them. To avoid having your Bitcoins stolen, move them immediately to your wallet where they’ll be safe!

c)     Using a Two-Factor Authentication

A two-step verification process makes it difficult for internet ‘goons’ to steal your Bitcoins. Here, once they log in to your exchange or wallet, they’re required to enter a value. These numbers are either sent to your phone via text or through the Google Authenticator app. Even if a hacker manages to steal your password or username, they cannot log in unless they have physical access to your device.


From the above guide, it’s clear that gambling using Bitcoin allows you to enjoy the full perks of this incredible digital currency. Of course, Bitcoin gambling is the first and famous mainstream application of this cryptocurrency. Its transactions cannot be censored or stopped making it an ideal means for paying online gamblers. So basically, it’s an excellent way to continue or kick-start your gambling experience.

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