Best Bitcoin Sportsbook 2018

Of late, Bitcoin has been soaring to new and greater heights. Although we once wrote it off as a currency meant for the black market, it has still managed to spread its user base and is now one of the best cryptocurrencies. You can buy electronics, donate to charity and even pay your bills! Now, with Bitcoin Sportsbooks , you can bet on your favourite games.

Bitcoin Sportsbooks provide an online Bitcoin betting platform that works well on Mobile phones, Desktop and tablet devices. As a loyal gambler, you’ll also enjoy amazing cash rewards and even monthly promotions. Also, most of the Bitcoin Sportsbook sites have an awesome customer service system with polite agents. So, here, we’ll go deeper and talk about this amazing world of Bitcoin Sportsbook and how to choose the right Bitcoin sportbook.

Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks

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What is a Bitcoin Sportsbook?

Bitcoin Sportsbooks are arguably the future of sports betting. They were launched to give players one of the best gambling experiences in the world! Here, you can place wagers on all types of sporting events from soccer to tennis and if all goes well, walk out with huge payouts. Some of their advantages include:

  • They are globally unrestricted – as a player, you can play from every corner of the world.
  • They come with instant deposits and free withdrawals throughout the day!
  • They are safe Bitcoin gaming sites which make it impossible to cheat.

Bitcoin sportsbooks continue to pop up online, and you should expect the number to continue growing. For gambling operators in the United States, the growth of Bitcoin Sportsbooks has greatly contributed to their success. This is because Bitcoin can operate even in non-regulated markets. The fact that it’s has no legal regulations makes it attractive for sports bookmakers and bettors.

Bettors who have Bitcoins can choose between two types of Sportsbooks. These include:

  • End-to-end Bitcoin Sportbooks- here, your balance, bets, deposits, withdrawals are in all in Bitcoin.
  • Government Currency Sportsbooks – you can also withdraw and deposit in Bitcoins. However, their bets, payouts and balances are all in government currency. Good examples include 5Dimes, Bookmaker, and BetOnline.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Bonuses

Over the last six months, the world has witnessed the steady rise of Bitcoin Sportsbook gambling. The digital currency continues to impact and change the world of online gaming. Besides, the incredible number of sportsbooks using only Bitcoin is creating a somewhat betting revolution. These sites are stealing clients from large offshore casinos which were previously dominating the industry.

Today, you’ll find several teasers, parlays, reverses and prop betting marketers in almost all Bitcoins sportsbooks. There’s also a wide range of in-play and live betting options. So, this is not like any other sports betting market and you can expect to win some serious cash by playing with Bitcoins sportsbooks.

Due to the decreasing amount of operational costs required to run such a gambling website, you’ll come across a lot of competitive bonuses. They include: cash rewards on first deposits and money back guarantee on major sporting events. While some sportsbooks will offer lesser rewards, the industry still has some of the most amazing odds.


Online sports betting with Bitcoin allows you to place bets not only on sporting competitions but also in other events. Several top online casinos offer BTC sports betting options. But it’s also right to point out that there are other independent sportsbooks known as bookmakers.

Here, the bets offered include fixed-odds where you’re expected to bet against the odds of the bookmaker. All in all, sporting events are the most popular betting contests on all Bitcoin Sportsbooks. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it might just be what you need to end your year in style!

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