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We know you like to play fantasy sports betting: How about combining this hobby with the advantages of Bitcoin? Bitcoin fantasy sports betting saves you from restrictions and allows you to place bets like you always want: Geographical boundaries, identities, and obsolete local laws do not apply to Bitcoin. Play your way and experience fantasy sports betting at its finest: Bitcoin offers you this opportunity and more.

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What Is Bitcoin Fantasy Sports?

As known, virtual sports betting based on real players’ data is called fantasy sports betting. This is a very old betting type and it is very common especially in the US. In this type of betting, also known as “Roto”, virtual sports teams are created from real players. Have you ever dreamed about a football team where world-famous football stars play together? You can do that in fantasy sports betting and see the results. The data of the players on the team is real – performance, score, personal talent, etc. The only thing “virtual” is the players themselves.  In this regard, it is possible to compare fantasy sports betting to a simulation of “what if?” Anyone who wants can bet on these virtual sports teams. If they use BTC to place bets, this is all Bitcoin fantasy sports betting is.

How Does Bitcoin Fantasy Sports Work?

There is no difference in the way the betting system works. You can continue to bet like always. The fact that Bitcoin is being used does not cause any change in this regard. The most obvious difference is that BTC is being used as currency. So both deposit and withdrawals are done using Bitcoin. In addition to these, you also get several advantages:

  • Decentralized Betting. Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites are not tied to a central authority and their operating costs are much lower. For this reason, they can offer higher odds. By being decentralized, they can also provide anonymous betting service. So you do not have to give your credentials to place a bet or to withdraw money. You can become a member and start playing just with an email address.
  • No Restrictions. Thanks to the anonymous betting feature, you can become a member of Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites all over the world. There are no geographical restrictions. For the same reason, you are not limited to sites that accept you: You can compare multiple sites and choose the ones that offer the best odds.
  • Faster & Inexpensive. Since the classic banking system is not used, you do not have to pay fees for deposits and withdrawals. In the same way, all transfers are much faster than other payment methods because they happen on the blockchain. You can start playing in a few minutes or withdraw your money in a matter of seconds.

Rules of Bitcoin Fantasy Sports

There is no change in the rules of fantasy sports betting. The advantages offered by Bitcoin make the overall betting experience more enjoyable and productive – they do not change the rules. Therefore, you do not need to re-learn the system. If we briefly remind you the rules of fantasy sports betting:

The bettors will choose players from national leagues such as NFL, NBA, NCAAF and form teams of 8 – 10 – 12 players. (Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites also offer the option of betting on pre-selected teams.) During the selection, each bettor has a budget and this budget must not be exceeded. So contrary to popular belief, you cannot create a team of the world’s best athletes: Your budget will not be enough. The bettor tries to make the best possible team with his budget.

For the selected teams, a “season time” is determined. This may be as long as the actual league season, or as short as 24 hours. Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites offer mostly daily options.

Each player in the team has a point value. This point value is determined by the actual performance of that player. The goal is to create a team that will have the highest total score. So whether you win or not depends on how well you choose your players. The score values of all the players in the team are collected and the final score is obtained. The team with the highest final score is deemed to have won that match and/or tournament.

In daily games, betting on teams that have managed to get into the first 50% is enough to win. So in this type of bet, the overall rank of the team is important rather than the score value. For example, in a league where 500 teams compete, it is enough to bet on one of the first 250 teams to win. This bet is also known as “50/50”.

In long-term tournaments, teams struggle in a virtual league. In such bets, the score value is important and you need to make more specific estimates to win. For example, in a 500-team tournament, your team must be within the first 15% of the league. This type of betting also has a higher payout.

Top Strategies for Bitcoin Fantasy Sports

  • First, you need to learn scoring rules. Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites use different scoring systems. It is not enough to know the general rules. You have to know in advance how the score values of the players are calculated.
  • Daily games and long-time tournaments require different teams. Be careful when choosing your players – daily bets will be a much more appropriate choice for beginners in this regard. Tournament teams are well suited for experienced betting players who can analyze long-term statistical data.
  • In any case, you must have very detailed information about the player you are putting into your team. Your goal is to create the best possible synergy with a limited budget. It is not possible to do this without deep knowledge of the players.
  • For the same reason, you should only create teams for the sporting branches you know. Do not bet for sports if you do not have the information about them.

Bitcoin fantasy sports betting can help you earn higher profits even with a small budget. Although it is a niche type of betting, it is an extremely dynamic industry and players need to be ready for instant vicissitudes. Choosing Bitcoin will allow you to place bets on any website for any league of your choice and bypass limitations of classic betting.

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