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Computer games, excitement of betting, and the benefits of using the blockchain: Bitcoin eSports betting gives you all that and more. You can use Bitcoin to place bets on your favorite team or player and can take advantage of betting from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

Top Bitcoin Esports Betting Sites

What Is Bitcoin eSports Betting?

This term refers to eSports betting sites that accept Bitcoin. eSports betting is very popular nowadays and the number of games you can place a bet on is increasing every day. Although MOBA (DOTA 2, League of Legends, etc.) and FPS (CS: GO, Overwatch, etc.) games are more popular, you can bet for almost any game that allows teams or players to compete. Like all other gambling types, you can also use Bitcoin for this purpose. The number of Bitcoin eSports betting sites is steadily increasing, and these sites combine the advantages of classic betting experience with the benefits of BTC.

How Does Bitcoin eSports Betting Work?

There is no difference in the way the system works and the betting options are still the same. Only this time you are using Bitcoin as a currency. To do this, you first need to buy Bitcoin. When you own BTC, you’ll also get a digital wallet address, like every other member of the blockchain. When you become a member of a Bitcoin eSports betting site, you can see the address of that site’s wallet. Use this address to make a deposit. When you want to withdraw money, use your own address.

By choosing Bitcoin, you will also get the following benefits:

  • Anonymous Betting. To become a member of Bitcoin eSports betting sites, just give your e-mail address. You do not need to share any personal information.
  • Bet From Anywhere. Bitcoin eSports betting sites do not apply restrictions for any country. Wherever you live, you can become a member and place bets without any restrictions. And by restrictions, we mean your local gambling laws too.
  • No ID Verification. You do not have to verify your identity to complete a withdrawal. Anonymous betting also allows you to issue withdrawals anonymously.
  • Faster Transactions. Transfers that take place on the Bitcoin blockchain are completed in no more than a few minutes. So neither deposits nor withdrawals take hours to complete. Moreover, you pay much lower fees than other payment methods.
  • Win More. If you prefer Bitcoin, you can earn much more than you invest. BTC value is constantly changing and it may increase until you complete a withdrawal. In other words, the money you withdraw will gain more value in the real world.

Rules of Bitcoin eSports Betting

General sports betting rules apply to Bitcoin eSports betting too. So you are still betting on a certain outcome, and what this outcome will be is determined by the betting site. Let’s start by giving the basics: Each betting option has an odd, which sets your maximum profit potential. For example, suppose there is an event between Team XXX and Team YYY, and 1.60 odd is offered for Team XXX. If Team XXX wins the event and you place a bet of 1 BTC for that outcome, your winnings will be 1.60 BTC. In other words, your net profit is 0.60 BTC.

In general, we can divide eSports betting into two categories: events and tournaments. Tournament bets are usually about who will win a tournament, as can be guessed. Event bets offer more options. Some examples are:

  • In CS:GO, you can place a bet on who gets the first kill.
  • In DOTA 2, you can bet on which player will be the first to destroy a tower.
  • In League of Legends, you can bet on which player will get the first line.

Of course, it is also possible to bet on which team will win that event. Offered betting options and odds will be determined by the site you are a member of. It is possible to say that since eSports games have a lot of features and offer more ways to win, there are more betting options than classic sports. Live betting and handicap betting are among the options offered by Bitcoin eSports betting sites too. All bets must be placed prior to the start of an event or tournament. The only exception to this rule is live bets: You can place them from the beginning until the end of an event/tournament. The results will be announced on the betting site and these results will determine whether you have won or not. As a general rule, you can see the result of your bets on your account page too and issue a withdrawal if you have won.

Top Strategies for Bitcoin eSports Betting

Most of the general betting strategies also apply to Bitcoin eSports betting. First of all, you need to have detailed and up-to-date information about the game and the team you will place a bet on. Most eSports bettors have the ability to play these games on a semi-professional level. This is especially important for live bets: If you have enough experience, you can predict the outcome based on the game’s progress and you can place another bet on the opponent team to reduce your loss, for example. Just place bets for games you know and do a detailed research on each of the team members. Do not allow star players to distract you: The performance of the teams is more important and determines the outcome of the games. Star players are only important if you are betting on a special outcome (for example, who will take the first line). In this context, you will also have to do your research according to the bet types. Players’ abilities and responsibilities are different from each other, so do not place a bet for any outcome without learning them.

Remember that each of eSports games is different. A FPS game is not the same as a MOBA game. Both require different team setups and the winning conditions are not the same. Do not place bets on multiple game types at the same time: Choose one game and learn everything about it. eSports teams constantly practice outside of tournaments and develop new strategies. By tracking them on social media and Twitch, you can learn about these new tactics and place your bets accordingly. Finally, do not place a bet on a game you do not understand just because it offers a very high odd: This is the most common mistake that beginners make.

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