Our Mission

Bitcoin Gambling 101 has been designed for gamblers, by gamblers to rid the world of scams that have plagued the crypto gaming industry. Providing a safe and secure method for everyone to game, free from government prohibition and restriction.

Words from founder – Jonathan Merry:

“Since venturing into the world of online gambling Bitcoin has always interested me. Many dismissed it as a fad or hype but it still did not go away, and since 2012 it has been providing gamblers with freedom. Freedom to do as they please with their money, play the oldest games of skill and chance and have fun online. I come from an online gambling background with a current role at a cryptocurrency startup and using this knowledge plan to create a place for safe and trusted crypto gambling comparison. Paid positive reviews currently plague the industry and meant when I tried to play myself, I was taking a gamble before I had even chosen my casino. Bitcoin Gambling 101 will put an end to this and ensure you have a trusted hub from which to compare and play, so the only thing you are gambling with is your Bitcoin, rather than your security.”

To learn more about how we operate and keep crypto gambling safe, check out our verification process.

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