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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is what is known as a crypto currency. Crypto currencies are an online form of currency that were officially kicked off in 2009 with the most well-known cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Bitcoin is created not by banks but by users themselves through what is a complex procedure known as Bitcoin mining, but to cut a long story short Bitcoin is hard to create, very secure in its function and above all else provides an anonymous payment method for its users. Originally many countries were against Bitcoin due to it being unable for them to control and influence, however that tide is now turning and it is becoming increasingly popular as a payment method.

What is Bitcoin Gambling?

Bitcoin Gambling has taken off as a legitimate way to gamble using bitcoin or other crypto currencies. There are now plenty of options to choose from and every single game is catered for, from bitcoin casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker and one of the most popular dice.

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What Kind Of Currency Is Bitcoin?

The reason that players from across the world are able to wager at bitcoin casinos is because the funds are considered a cryptocurrency. What this means is that bitcoins are deregulated and thus free from taxing or government intervention. Regulatory bodies are kind of learning on the fly of how to deal with this type of currency.

The good thing about some bitcoin casinos is that they also accept traditional forms of payment such as credit cards, bank transfers, etc. A few even allow you to transfer funds within the casino from say euros to bitcoin. There are also other forms of cryptocurrency accepted including Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, and more. This is important for gamblers to note as they can take advantage of the best transfer rates between the different cryptocurrencies.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started all you need to do is have a bitcoin wallet set up, for more information on how to do this please visit setting up my bitcoin wallet. Once you have your wallet set up you need to some Bitcoin (or other virtual currency) to fill it! There are lots of trusted places to buy your Bitcoin online, check out our detailed guide here.

Once all set up with a secure wallet filled with your virtual currency, here is where the fun begins, simply filter through one of the recommended bitcoin casinos here, find one that you believe will offer the best and most enjoyable gambling environment for you and get playing!

Is All This Legal?

Yes, and No. Bitcoin Gambling often falls into a grey area due to it being such a new industry. As such many countries around the world have just simply not been able to pass laws yet licensing bitcoin casinos or restricting them. As a rule of thumb if your country has banned online gambling then the chances are bitcoin gambling will fall under this. To ensure you are acting within full accordance of the law we recommend you check out our bitcoin legality section to ensure your country has no restrictions against bitcoin gambling.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Safe?

Like most online casinos, bitcoin casinos have their bad eggs amongst them. This means you should be wary of bitcoin casinos that offer too good to be true bonuses or odds. To keep you safe we review all the bitcoin casinos we encounter personally (if we haven’t please let us know so we can do so immediately) and ensure that recommended bitcoin casinos offer legitimate odds and your bitcoin is safe and withdraw-able.

How Do You Review the Bitcoin Casinos?

All the bitcoin casinos listed are reviewed vigorously and we test a variety of factors including:

  • Whether they pass our verification procedure, if a site is verified it means we trust it and recommend it to our users
  • User experience, how easy are they to use, including site speed and design
  • Odds on offer, different casinos offer different odds and rollover amounts, we only want the best for our subscribers.
  • Withdrawal process, how easy is it to withdraw your bitcoin and how long does it take. This part is incredibly important for lesser known casinos as they may try underhand tactics to prevent you receiving your winnings.
  • Games on offer, what games do they offer and which are the best
  • Site security, as the casino will be holding your bitcoin for an amount of time, you want to be sure that they won’t be hacked
  • Unique features, bitcoin gambling brings many cutting-edge casinos to the table and we’re always on the lookout for something special that a casino offers to separate it out from the rest!
  • Depositing options, do they offer only bitcoin, or a mix of fiat currencies and bitcoin. Or even better do they offer additional crypto currencies alongside bitcoin like ETH, LTC etc.
  • Languages, do they offer additional language support outside of English, we don’t want our international users missing out, for multi-language bitcoin casinos please visit here
  • Support
  • What our users think, we try and be as transparent as possible and so we also have a comments section for you to also give your opinion on the casino, and share useful tips.

Once we have all these factors jotted down we provide a rating alongside the review to provide our score out of 100 for that bitcoin casino. Click here for top rated bitcoin casinos

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